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Adoptions in Texas are much easier to do than most people realize.  The hardest part of adopting can be finding a child to adopt.  This seems odd since there are so many children in foster homes across Texas.  The Galmor Stovall Law Firm is not a child placing agency and therefore cannot assist you in locating a child.  We can, however, assist prospective mothers and adoptive families in completing the adoption process.


There are two basic kinds of adoptions in Texas: adoptions of a step-child by a step-parent and adoptions of a non-related child.  Both require essentially the same paperwork, but the cost can be very different depending on the circumstances and complexity involved, age of the child, etc.


Adopting a step-child can happen in one of several scenarios.  If the biological parent (the one not residing with the child) is willing to "sign away his/her rights" then it can happen rather seamlessly.  If a biological parent has died, it can also be done this way.


Adopting a non-related child, on the other hand, requires more time and effort, and therefore costs more.  We do both and would love to answer any questions you may have.


Call us today to discuss your adoption questions.


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