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We work hard to protect your rights and help you understand the legal process that you are going through. Whether that’s a divorce, custody battle, immigration, criminal case, or any other type of legal matter – if we can help you we will – and if we can’t, we’ll help you find someone that can. That’s our promise to all of Southeast Texas. Got problems? Get Answers. Click on an area of interest to the left – or fill in the blanks on the right to tell us about your situation today!

Our success over the past 10 years has been built on compassion, dedication, and a thorough understanding of the law.  By focusing on personal attention, high-quality and knowledgeable representation built on years of experience, we have successfully helped hundreds of clients in Southeast Texas.  At Galmor, Stovall & Gilthorpe, we foster honesty, trust and openness. You’ll always get straightforward, candid advice and we’ll never suggest unrealistic options or make empty promises.

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