Beaumont teacher accused of spitting on student

Article by: Scott Eslinger


An award winning Beaumont teacher who was accused of spitting on a student has resigned yet maintains her innocence.

Anh Nguyen, who has been a teacher at the Beaumont Independent School District’s Pathways Learning Center for the past 12 years, turned in her resignation on Thursday according to a release from her attorney Dustin Galmor.

Pathways is an alternative school for students with disciplinary problems according to the release.

In her resignation letter to the district Nguyen, who is facing a class C Misdemeanor allegation in the incident, described her job at Pathways as an “extremely challenging job of teaching the frequently troubled students” at Pathways.

According to her attorney the students who witnessed the incident described “extreme unruliness” on the part of her accuser.

Nguyen’s attorney says she is completely innocent of the charge, which could jeopardize her teaching career, and looks forward to bringing what he calls a false allegation before a jury.

She resigned partially because of the allegations and partially due to the the needs of her elderly parents the release said.

Nguyen, who has been a BISD teacher of the year winner twice including during the 2015-2016 school year, plans to continue teaching at a parochial school according to the release.