Search for 4-year-old missing girl believed to be with Beaumont mother

Article by: Angel San Juan

KFDM/Fox 4

An urgent search for a 4-year-old missing girl.

A private investigator say her Beaumont mother Blanca Vincent took the child in violation of a court order.

Even the mother’s lawyer is asking his client to immediately return the 4-year-old Emma.

The lawyer for Emma’s father says the child’s mother lost custody of the girl more than a year ago.

The custody case was scheduled to head back to court this upcoming Monday, March 26 to finalize custody arrangements.

Vincent’s lawyer and several of her acquaintances tell KFDM News that Vincent is convinced that the child’s father has been abusing the little girl.

“Every single CPS report has been ruled out, there’s been a recent one even two weeks ago filed, often in the legal world we call this going nuclear,” said Jonathan Stovall, attorney for the child’s father.

Child Protective Services spokesperson Shari Pulliam confirmed the open case in Houston, saying law enforcement in Houston are investigating. However, Stovall believes it, too, will be debunked.