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Selecting a lawyer with the right experience and resources to achieve the best outcome for your specific family law concerns is paramount to your confidence as you begin the process of mediation or litigation.

Jonathan Stovall is a board certified family law attorney certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has been successfully helping families with family law legalities for over 10 years.

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Families today face complicated legal issues earlier generations could not have imagined. The families we represent come to us with legal issues as straightforward as a premarital agreement for a newly engaged couple wisely planning for the future, and as complicated as prominent business leaders or athletes discretely exploring complex divorce and custody options.

The law firm of Galmor, Stovall & Gilthorpe is prepared to help you explore your options in reference to any family law matter. We provide a caring and compassionate environment and will bring resolution to your familys legal issues. You can find information the most common types of family law cases we handle below. If you need representation for a case that is not listed below, please contact us.

Divorce Law

A divorce can be one of the most financially and emotionally devastating events one will face in their lifetime. We understand the worrisome circumstances this type of event carries, and recognize the burdens placed on both parties and their children. Whether you have finalized your decision to get a divorce, or you were served divorce papers, the Law Firm of Galmor, Stovall & Gilthorpe will help you devise an appropriate solution for you and your family as your divorce lawyer in Beaumont.

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Areas of Divorce

Our firm is board certified in Family Law and has helped clients with the following types of divorce:

Step-parent adoption
Grandparent adoption
Abandoned children
Voluntary parental right termination
Parental addiction & danger to children
Parental Neglect or child abuse
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Divorce in Beaumont

More information about divorce in Beaumont, including divorce procedures, residency requirements, temporary orders, uncontested vs. contested divorce, child custody, child support, division of property and other information related to divorce.

Adoption Law

Adoptions in Beaumont are much easier to do than most people realize. The hardest part of adopting can be finding a child to adopt. This seems odd since there are so many children in foster homes across Texas. The Law Firm of Galmor, Stovall & Gilthorpe is not a child placing agency and therefore cannot assist you in locating a child. We can, however, assist prospective mothers and adoptive families in completing the adoption process.

If you would like to discuss options for adopting a child in Beaumont, please call us at (409) 832.7757 to learn more about which type of adoption is right for you and what your next step should be.

Areas of Child Adoption

Our firm is board certified in Family Law and has helped clients in the following areas related to adoption:

Step-parent adoption
Grandparent adoption
Abandoned children
Voluntary parental right termination
Parental addiction & danger to children
Parental Neglect or child abuse
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Adoption in Beaumont

More information related to adopting a child in Beaumont, including types of adoption, basic adoption requirements, grandparents rights, involuntary termination of parental rights and what to expect in adoption proceedings.

Child Support Law

Each parent has a legal duty to support their child, including providing the child with clothing, food, shelter, medical care and education. This obligation continues until the child turns 18, graduates from high school, or is otherwise legally emancipated. In some instances where has special needs or is disabled, support obligations may continue indefinitely.

The Law Firm of Galmor, Stoval & Gilthorpe have successfully helped a number of clients in Southeast Texas establish, renegotiate and collect child support payments. If you would like to speak with an attorney to discuss your concerns with child support payments, please contact us at (409) 832.7757for a free consultation.

Areas of Child Support

Our firm has experience and knowledge in the following areas relating to child custody cases:

Child Support Modification
Child Support Enforcement
Health Support Obligations
Child Custody Enforcement
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Child Support in Beaumont

More information on family violence charges, including penalties for family violence in Beaumont, classes of domestic violence charges, special sentencing for family violence charges, expunction and sealing of domestic violence charges and other information related to domestic violence or family violence charges in Beaumont, Texas.

Child Custody Law

If you and your spouse have children, they will be a priority for both parties a divorce. One of the most critical conditions of a divorce is finding a parenting arrangement that is in the best interest of the children.

The Law Firm of Galmor, Stovall & Gilthorpe will fight to protect the children’s wellfare while remaining sensitive to the impact it can have on parents. Our Beaumont child custody lawyers work closely with parents regarding the parenting, psychology, well-being and financial aspects of child custody to compose an arrangement that both parties can appreciate.

As experienced and board-certified family law attorneys, we strongly support alternative dispute resolution techniques to minimize the emotional impact on children as well as the financial impact of any litigation.

Areas of Child Custody

Our firm has experience and knowledge in the following areas relating to child custody cases:

Presenting the child’s best interests in court
Paternity and custody disputes
Parenting time or visitation
Child custodyenforcement
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Child Custody in Beaumont

Click the learn more button for more information related to child custody in Beaumont, Texas including: parental rights pertaining to custody, presenting the children’s best interests in court and parenting time or visitation.

Marital Agreements

Pre-marital or pre-nuptial agreements can serve to protect assets in a marriage. This is more common in someone’s subsequent marriage than a first-time marriage, so as to protect separate property for children born through a previous relationship. This is another area of the law that is taboo for many people.

Some think that a pre-martial agreement is simply a divorce decree in the waiting – but this is not true. It can also show your future spouse how much you love them, regardless of what financial assets they bring to the marriage. Call us today for a free consultation and question and answer session on the importance of pre-martial and prenuptial agreements.

Although the composition of a prenuptial agreement varies for each party for whom we draft a contract, some of the standard components include:

Disparate Wealth
Assets, including Homes, Property, Stocks & Retirement Funds
Children from a Previous Marriage
Business Interests & Ownership
Disparate Debt
Elderly Parents in Your Care
Potential Increase in Income based on Talent or Intelligence
Pursuing Degrees in Lucrative Professions (i.e., Medicine, etc.)
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